Defined Benefit Transfer Key Considerations

What to consider before deciding on a Defined Benefit (DB) Pension Transfer?

Ultimately, your own personal circumstances will determine whether it is a good idea or not for you to transfer your benefits out of a Defined Benefit scheme.

To make an informed decision, a full analysis of your situation will need to be conducted. Key considerations typically include:

  • Your health
  • Your marital status
  • Whether you have children or other dependants
  • The health of your spouse or dependants
  • Ongoing financial commitments, for example a mortgage or school fees
  • Other sources of income, for example part-time employment, or rental/dividend income
  • Other pension provision
  • Other investments, for example buy-to-let property or shares
  • Your experience of investing
  • Your attitude to risk and capacity for loss
  • Your plans for retirement
  • Retirement age considerations
  • How much money you will realistically need to live on in retirement

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