Change: Embrace it or Fear it? by Anita Brown

Throughout our lives we experience a lot of change. Changing schools, jobs, careers, meeting new people, getting married, getting divorce, losing a loved one, are all changes in our lives.

You may meet some people who have only ever had one job their whole lives, this just maybe as simple as they are comfortable and satisfied or it may be because they don’t like change. Throughout my working life I have only had a handful of jobs but each time it’s been a different career path. As I see it we all have two choices ‘Embrace’ it or ‘Fear’ it. Don’t get me wrong I also fear it a little too!

Since joining Informed Financial Planning in November 2017 I have already had a few changes. I initially started as a New Business Administrator working for 3 Advisers, submitting all of their business for new and existing clients. Then in January of 2019 I got the opportunity of becoming an Adviser PA working solely for Josh Richardson. I found the role daunting to start with as I was responsible for organising Josh’s calendar, booking all his appointments and taking all his clients old and new through the client journey. However, I threw myself into the role and was soon enjoying my change of direction.

Fast forward to February of 2020 and I once again found myself facing a change, not with my role but with the adviser I was to work for, Darren Goodall. Although it wasn’t a different job it was still a change I had to face. A whole new client base to get to know and build relationships with, along with getting to know my new adviser better. But I will again embrace this and move with it.

Each time I’ve faced change it has admittedly been scary, but every new experience is a new opportunity to learn and grow. I rarely look back at a change in my life and find it didn’t make me stronger!

We will forever face fresh challenges all the time. We can fear change and stay static or we can embrace it and continually evolve and improve ourselves. I choose the latter! Why stay still when we can move forward?

‘Don’t try to avoid change, your skin cells change every 2-4 weeks, your liver changes every 1-2 years, your bone cells change every decade, everything changes, so must YOU’ – Jay Shetty

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