Modernising Marketing: How we changed our digital marketing strategy

In an age ruled by technology, digital marketing is becoming many businesses main method of promotion. Furthermore, with this area evolving increasingly quickly, it can be hard to stay ahead. This is why Informed Financial Planning have seen a lot of progressive change recently.

Online Reputation

Consumers now actively seek out what people have to say about your services and finding no reviews can be more worrying than bad ones. 97% of consumers read product reviews before making a purchase, so you should always encourage your clients to leave one and if you get a bad review, don’t panic. As long as you respond to their criticism publicly and try to resolve the issue as best you can people will recognise that you made an effort. Everyone makes mistakes! Besides, sometimes having “too perfect” reviews makes people assume they’re fake.

The hard part is getting people to write one. Now we spend less time facing consumers in the real world and more in the digital one, it’s easier for them to ignore you. For this reason, IFP implemented a Google incentive scheme, whereby all clients who leave a review are entered into a draw for a gift voucher. It’s only a small gesture but offering something in exchange can make them take a second look instead of deleting your email.

Keeping Up With Trends

Knowing your audience is essential to getting in front of them. Keeping updated on the latest trends allows you to stay on top of your initiatives and ensure they are relevant. Trends may not always give opportunities to directly advertise to your audience but should at least allow you to gain more brand awareness by keeping involved with them.

In 2020, IFP will launch our finance podcast, a growing trend we have been watching recently. In 2019, roughly 7.1 million people in the UK listened to podcasts weekly, increasing by 1.2 million in 2018 and over half of those are over 35. Not only will this allow us to get in front of potential clients without sticking an advert in their faces, it also gives an opportunity to strengthen relationships with other professionals by involving them.

Building Trust

The value of transparency is often forgotten in the digital landscape. Most would agree that trust is key when turning potential leads into clients. While in the past this could have been achieved through good customer service at first meeting, now most consumers will decide to see you based on your website alone.

This is one reason why we now display our fee structure online, something not many IFAs do. This has already increased new leads for IFP. Since displaying our fees, we’ve received 25% more enquiries through our website compared to the same period last year and 20% more have been qualified as suitable clients due to our open and informative content. This saves time meeting clients we wouldn’t be the right fit for.