Not “All Work & No Play” by Samantha Sharp

August 13th saw Informed Financial Planning shut up shop and head out on their annual team building day.

Every year the Management Team split the full company into groups and co-ordinate a jam-packed day. This year it was decided, to add a bit of a twist, management were excluded from organising the day, barring Jess who teamed up with Escape Rooms Hull to make it top-secret and giving the ability for all to get involved.

On The Day


Using our orienteering skills and a mobile app, we had to search Little Switzerland in Hessle for specific locations which gave us answers on our question sheet and clues to the next point of the trail. Points were deducted for clues given and bonus points could be added for completing additional tasks.


This part of the day involved memory, senses and investigation games. Throughout all the tasks we were competing against a rival team, allowing us to nominate members of the team to go head to head on challenges throughout this session.


The final task within our teams was to head out into the City Centre. We were given a specific time frame to answer several questions and take photos of iconic landmarks around the city. Again, points were awarded for answering or completing bonus questions / tasks.

Once the day was complete, the teams competed to crack a code to release a kidnapped individual. This involved a suitcase which appeared bomb-like with wires and buttons which eventually revealed the secret code once completed. The team that had scored the most points during the day’s activities had the longest on the timer to solve this puzzle.

As a company, we really pride ourselves on working hard. This is why we ensure we take the time (even if it’s just once a year) for the full company to get together and partake in days like this. This encourages our staff work more effectively, deal with problem solving under pressure, identify their strengths and weaknesses and create better working relationships. These developments then transfer to the office and allow people who don’t normally work together on a day to day basis the ability to become a team when required!

The only issue we have now is, what are we going to do next year?!