Is University the Only Way?

Is University the Only Way? by Josh Bone

Sometimes when going through education, the route can seem one-dimensional.

School, college and then university. However, there is another route to take; this is the apprenticeship route. This path is one that I always knew I wanted to take. This is because the thought of being in a classroom for 15 years did not sound appealing to me and I knew I wanted a challenge and to learn with a more hands-on approach through work. During secondary school, I never truly knew what career I wanted to work in however, I always knew it would be something involving maths. Then I finished my GCSE’s and went to college and throughout college I still had little idea what career I would like.

When studying for my A-levels, I started a part-time job at a family run auction, and here I was first introduced to the world of accounts. In this auction, I would help with accounts, with purchasing orders, petty cash and invoices. Here I realised how much I enjoyed working with accounts and it was then that I discovered I wanted a career in finance. Once I had finished my A-levels, I started working full time in a shop which lasted 6 months and my plan was to look for apprenticeships around Christmas time.

November came and I decided I would start looking for apprenticeships in finance or accounting, to see what opportunities were available to me. I had many interviews over that time and I even got offered a couple of apprenticeships however, none of them seemed perfect for me. Then I was offered an interview at Informed Financial Planning and I had such a good feeling about the company and it was a business I wanted to work for. Within two days of the interview taking place, I received a call offering me the job and started at the beginning of December.

Learning whilst I work was always the way I wanted to do it. It is the best decision I could have made as it helps me understand everything better and there’s not the pressure of having to pass an exam at the end of it. I love learning how my work helps the company and how things don’t always work the way they do in a textbook. Sometimes things must be done differently and everything doesn’t go smoothly.

To answer my own question, ‘Is University the Only Way?’ I would say no, University is not the only way. No matter how much school and college may tell you, it is your choice what path you decide to take, and nobody can make that decision for you but one person. You.

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