Working From Home by Jade Fewster

As we all know, Coronavirus well and truly put life on hold over the last few months for a lot of people, but everyone here at IFP has been making sure we uphold the highest standards whilst still ensuring the safety of our clients and staff. This means currently most of us are still working from home. For me, this means working from home, but with a three year old.

Having worked at IFP for just over a year and learning every day, this has certainly had it’s challenges for me., especially when it comes to making phone calls. Having a little boy who runs to you and shouts “who is it?” every time I’m on the phone means I have to choose very carefully when I make my client calls. We’ve had Spiderman show and tell during our work Zoom meetings and lots of pointing at every person at the screen asking “who’s that?”. Not to mention my work notebook is now virtually non-existent and filled with lots of smiley faces and the letter L (I’m currently trying to get him to write his name).

Despite it being hard work at times, it’s one of those situations where you just have to laugh and try your best not to get too stressed out. I know there are lots of mums and dads out there at the moment going through the exact same thing, but hopefully as things are now opening up again the end will soon be in sight. If you are one of those people going stare crazy or starting to lose the plot working around your children, just hang in there and keep going. We are all doing an amazing job and I know we’ll look back on this and think of how strange a time it this was, but that everyone stuck by one another and helped out.

I am also going to take this opportunity to say that if there is anyone out there who is struggling, please talk to someone. I know of three people throughout this who have sadly taken their own lives and it is heart-breaking to think that this probably wouldn’t have happened if they could have popped down to the pub with their friends sooner to get it off their chest or visit a family member they relied on. So please, don’t suffer alone.

With more and more places opening their doors again, stay safe everyone and keep going because you are all amazing!