Our Fees


Unlike many other firms, we feel comfortable being transparent with our fees.

We believe in clarity and we know our fees represent the positive impact our services can have on your future.

We know choosing a Financial Adviser can be daunting so we always offer an initial, no obligation meeting at no cost to you. It allows us to explain our services in more detail, whilst also being an opportunity to determine if there is mutual ground to work together.

If we do decide to work together, final cost details will be discussed with you upfront before we proceed. The types of charges applicable are listed below:

Our Fees

Depending on the complexity of the work carried out, this fee can vary between £750 and £1,500 (unless it is a particularly complex area of advice, see below our minimum fees). This fee allows our team to prepare a recommendation which is right for you. We undertake product research and use the best analytical software to review your existing arrangements. Our recommendations are always bespoke and tailored around your goals, helping you to achieve your dreams. If you are happy with the recommendation provided and wish for this to be implemented, the strategy fee will be replaced by an implementation fee which is detailed below.
It is our responsibility to facilitate the smooth processing of putting our recommendations in place. This can be a complex area and our aim is to remove any hassle for you, just keeping you informed with key updates and expected completion dates. This is charged on a tiered basis as follows:

  • 3% on the first £250,000 invested
  • 2% on the next £250,000 invested
  • 1% thereafter
Our job is not to provide a single recommendation, but an ongoing service. As your situation changes, so will your financial needs. It is important we keep you on track and adapt our strategy to suit this. We charge 1% of assets under management annually, which covers the cost of reviewing and updating your strategy, regular meetings and unlimited access to our support team. For us to start putting together your bespoke financial plan, the first step is to contact us. You can find our details here.


Investment Amount Charging Structure Initial Amount Payable Ongoing Adviser Charge (%) Ongoing Adviser Charge (£)
No Investment Strategy Fee £750
£75,000 3% of Investment £2,250 1% £750
£150,000 3% of Investment £4,500 1% £1,500

3% of £250,000

+ 2% of £50,000

£8,500 1% £3,000

3% of £250,000

+ 2% of £250,000

£12,500 1% £5,000

3% of £250,000

+ 2% of £250,000

+1% of £200,000

£14,500 1% £7,000

Minimum Fees

Certain areas of financial planning require additional work to be carried out by Informed Financial Planning.
In addition, these may be deemed higher risk and therefore we have the following ‘minimum’  fees in place:

Implementation Fees

Area of Planning

Minimum Monetary Amount

Drawdown Advice


Annuity Advice


Protection Advice


Auto Enrolment – Implementation of new scheme


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