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The Importance of a Cash Flow Forecast

After reviewing your pension and non-pension income, it can be useful to undertake a cash flow forecast. This not only allows you to plan for the future but it will also identify potential funding shortfalls which we can address as early as possible.

Due to relatively high inflation, low interest rates or subdued investment markets, many people are surprised at the results of their cash flow forecast.

Controlled management of your finances is the key and we have the tools and knowledge to support you.

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The Benefits of Cash Flow Planning

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide advice on a full range of financial planning.

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    Looking into the future

    Ensuring that you aren’t walking into a financial crisis in retirement, we can show you a glimpse of your financial future. Now you can look ahead with confidence.

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    Stress test your income

    How safe is your income? We can stress test your income in the best and worst case scenarios, giving you peace of mind.

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    Plan ahead with confidence

    Our team of experts can advise you on changes to your finances, income security and ways to maximise your future cash flow.

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    Protecting future income

    Relatively small tweaks in your finances today can make a huge difference going forward, impacting future income. As a result of our cash flow forecast, we can guide and advise you about short, medium and long-term income opportunities.

    Conscious that finances and your personal situation will change on a regular basis, we can adapt future investments so that you have sufficient funds for life in retirement.

    Why Informed Financial Planning?


    • Why is cash flow forecasting important?

      A cash flow forecast is a hugely important part of any financial plan. When considering investing it allows you to work out how much you may need to save to meet your retirement goals, and equally when drawing on your investments how long they may last.

    • What are the benefits of a cash flow forecast?

      A cash flow forecast takes what can seem a complicated financial position and provides a simple, easy to understand visual representation of your income and spending plans for the future. It can provide peace of mind that you have enough funds to retire, or if not, calculate how much you need to save to achieve your goals.

    • What should a cash flow plan include?

      A standard cash flow plan would include all of your income, such as salary, personal pension, private pension and investment income, and outgoings, such as mortgage/rent, holidays, debt repayments and general living expenses. Planning ahead, this allows you to adapt your expenditure in line with your expected future income.

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