Personal Investments

A personal investment plan for today, tomorrow and the future

Personal investment plan: The value of financial security

Working together, we can create a long-term personal investment plan specific to you and your financial requirements. We can also incorporate the investments of partners and children into a wider investment plan, enhancing diversification and potential for long-term growth.

Balancing your investments between long-term appreciation, income and short-term liquidity, while planning for the future, is critical.

Our proactive approach to financial planning, and regular meetings, ensures that your personal investment plan is as flexible as your lifestyle.

The Benefits of Personal Investment Advice

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide advice on a full range of financial planning.

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    More Confidence In Investing

    Take advice from a financial adviser and make use of their expertise and experience. Saving time, this also means you can have more confidence in your investments going forward.

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    Maximise your allowances

    Whether looking at your capital gains allowance, ISA subscription or other forms of tax efficient investment, the long-term benefits can be dramatic.

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    Flexible Approach to Investment

    Nothing is set in stone; markets are evolving, your life may be changing, we can help adapt your long-term plans. If you need to talk, we are always available.

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    Do you need a balanced investment portfolio?

    Over the years, you may have discovered the role of diversification, introducing an element of growth, income and a balanced approach to your long-term investments.

    While at the same time protecting your assets, the potential to maximise profits, with a degree of estate planning - it can start to get relatively complex!

    Looking at each area in isolation, we can help you put the pieces together.

    Why Informed Financial Planning?

    What Our Clients Think About Us

      "An excellent service all round. We mainly dealt with Charlie and had help from Zoey too. Great knowledge and advice regarding pensions. Cannot fault it at all. If was possibly to give 11 out of 10 we would. Would highly recommend."

      "The whole process was very easy, it wasn't made complicated and every single step was explained to me. A representative from Informed Financial Planning, came to my house, I didn't feel pressured and I could back out at any time."

      "This is the most professional company I have ever dealt with in all of my 59 years they took the time to find out what my needs where & fulfilled all my wishes if I could give 10 stars I would."

    Informed Service Pricing

    Our fee structure is simple and transparent, with no surprise fees later down the line.

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