Business Relief and Investment

Maximising business funds in a tax-efficient manner

Managing excess cash and investing in the future

Over the years, you may have built up significant cash reserves which aren’t critical to your business. While a helpful safety net, the accumulation of funds which are “not required” may impact eligibility for business relief, creating a potential Inheritance Tax liability further down the line.

Where a business has excess cash reserves, these can be seen as an “excepted asset” and lead to the reduction or removal of business relief. Business relief allows various business assets to be kept separate from your estate upon death, reducing any IHT liability.

There is the option of switching these funds into business relief qualifying investments, or we can help extract cash in a tax-efficient manner.

The Benefits of Managing Business Reserves

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    Maximising returns

    Investing in business relief qualifying investments can increase returns while maintaining liquidity. It's important to be aware of the range of options.

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    Reduce future IHT liability 

    Actively managing excess business reserves can help to reduce any IHT liability on death. Maximising your estate to protect loved ones.

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    Investing in your business

    Potential tax issues further down the line can encourage a more proactive approach to investing in your business.

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    Protecting your business assets - planning for the future

    Business relief should be an integral part of your long-term estate planning, a potential means of removing business assets from your estate and potential IHT. There is also the opportunity to increase your income from the business through pension contributions, dividends and other options.

    When it comes to protecting your business and personal assets, attention to detail, experience and long-term planning are critical.

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