Let’s Talk Money & Marriage

The ‘Let’s Talk Money & Marriage’ Podcast is what it says on the tin! Jessica and Gregg Crawford of Informed Financial Planning often find themselves discussing work at home, and home at work – so they thought, why not share it with you? Having worked together for the same company for that last 12 years (Jess wasn’t Gregg’s boss when he asked her to marry him! 🙄), they have a combined knowledge which spreads across 3 decades. From pensions, investments, to buying your first home – they’ve seen it all! Join them on this journey as they talk all things money and marriage.

Trailer: Meet the Crawfords

Meet the duo behind Informed Financial Planning’s ‘Let’s Talk Money & Marriage’ Podcast! Not only have IFP’s Head of Business Development, Jessica Crawford and Chartered Financial Planner, Gregg Crawford, been married for 4 years now but they both also have over 34 years worth of knowledge on all things financial services between them. In this preview, Jess and Gregg highlight what to expect in the upcoming episodes, with the first one airing 14th February. What a way to spend their Valentines day, right?

Episode 1: Buying loungewear VS paying off your mortgage

Have you ever wondered to yourself, what actually is inflation? Do you know if you’re budgeting properly and saving in the right place for your future? Should you be using your disposable income to pay off your mortgage? Jess and Gregg touch on these all-important topics in the first episode of Let’s Talk Money & Marriage, as well as addressing the infamous ‘FinTok’ videos on TikTok, all whilst relating these discussions back to their own married life.

Episode 2: Should you talk money on a first date?

“Should you talk money on a first date?” well, the answer is no if you are meeting up with the Tinder Swindler, but there are some interesting points to be raised when you are not! Jess and Gregg discuss this controversial question, as well as debating if couples should pay 50/50 towards their mortgage and bills or if it should be based on percentage of income! We also see the waddling baby in the office making a come back as Gregg AKA Lisa (if you know, you know!) talks us through baby pensions and Child Trust Funds, and to top it off we find out who spends the most money – Jess or Gregg? Now, that’s a debate in itself…

Episode 3: Stock markets, bucket lists and Salmon

Remember that opening scene in Wolf of Wall Street where the stock market crashes and Leonardo DiCaprio finds himself looking for jobs in the local paper? Well, have you ever actually considered what the stock market is, and how different events such ‘Black Monday’ impact it? If the answer is yes, then Gregg and Jess have an answer for you! In addition to the all-important financial topics of stock markets and will writing, we also hear about the Let’s Talk Money and Marriage couple’s recent ski trip, and how unfortunate recent events in their lives have led them to become more spontaneous and earn the label ‘yes people’… Now we’re at the point in the description where we would talk about the Q&A with the Crawford’s section, it might be a good time to let you know we accidently deleted that scene, because we are in fact amateur podcasters who hate technology as much as the next person! Oh, and if you’re thinking of buying salmon from Morrisons after work tonight… you might want to listen to this first! You’ll thank us later…

Episode 4: Yachts, Sports Cars and Divorce: Now you’re rich, what do you do with it?

Have you missed us? Let’s not forget, we produce edit and post all of our podcasts in-house… so if you’re wondering why we’ve been a little quiet for a few weeks, the honest answer is that we wanted to throw the equipment out of the window and into the Humber.. but rest assured after a brief meltdown, Jess and Gregg are back with Episode 4 of the Let’s Talk Money & Marriage podcast. This week’s episode touches on what to do with your money when you suddenly become wealthy. Whether you’re feeling lucky on the next euro millions, or perhaps you’ve just sold your family business for big bucks – Jess and Gregg explain, well basically… how not to blow it! Q&A with Crawfords is also back! This week we hear a question about bad mortgage advice… are you in the same position? Perhaps we’ll be able to give you some tips!

Episode 5: Let’s Talk Money & Mental Health

In aid of Mental Health Awareness week, episode 5 discusses the links between money and mental health. With tips on budgeting and spending, how to seek out therapy should you think you need it, and the facilities that are available if you are struggling with the recent increase in the cost of living – Jess and Gregg have it all! The ‘Lifetime Learning’ section covers approaching retirement (if you’re in your 50’s – even if you don’t want to admit you are – this one is for you!), whilst Q&A with the Crawford’s will weigh up the pros and cons of paying off your mortgage vs saving for retirement… sounds pretty good, right? Of course, there’s still snippets from Jess and Gregg’s married life including cowboys dancing on the bar to Shania Twain… yep! You heard that right! So, why not tune in?