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Protecting your most important asset, key employees

The value of key person protection

As a business, you will likely have insured assets and have a degree of protection with business contracts. Surprisingly, many businesses fail to address the issue of key person protection, or future share ownership, even though they could have serious financial consequences.

We'll offer advice to help you select the right key person protection insurance tailored to your unique needs, offering vital financial support during uncertain times. Additionally, we can collaborate with legal experts to assist you in creating agreements that, when combined with insurance, ensure the necessary funds for a smooth share transfer process.

This is part of our wider business package, encompassing workplace pensions, business relief planning, tax planning and ensuring your employees receive the best possible benefits.

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The Benefits of Asset Protection

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide advice on a full range of financial planning.

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    Protecting the future of your business

    Providing peace of mind if you lose key personnel is an important element of your recovery plan. Allowing you to focus on day to day management.

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    Covering unexpected expenses

    Insurance payouts will cover an array of unexpected costs, protecting cash flow and business survival.

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    Replacing key personnel

    Training and recruitment of a replacement can be expensive. Key person insurance will help relieve the financial pressure.

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    Flexible key person insurance policies

    Key person insurance policies provide a financial lifeline for many businesses hit by illness, injury or the death of key personnel, including shareholders. Key person protection is extremely flexible and comes in a range of different forms.

    We can help you identify your specific requirements, a policy tailored to your situation and more importantly, one that provides sufficient finance to cover an array of potential costs.

    Why Informed Financial Planning?


    • How does key person insurance work?

      Key person insurance is put in place by a company on the life of ‘key’ personnel within the business, such as an owner or salesperson etc, whose death or critical illness would have a financial impact on the company. In the event of a claim, the business will receive the insured amount which is typically used to replace lost revenue, keep the company trading, and find a replacement.

    • What is the purpose of key person insurance?

      The purpose of key person insurance is to allow a business to protect against the financial impact of the death or serious ill health of a key person within the business.

    • Is key person insurance tax deductible?

      Where key person insurance is being taken out by a company to protect against the loss of a key person in the event of death or serious ill health, the premiums for the cover are typically treated as an allowable business expense, deductible from the company’s profits and potentially reducing its Corporation Tax liability each year.

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