Auto Enrolment

Helping you build a structured approach to workplace pensions

Understanding workplace pensions

New pension regulations have revolutionised the workplace, creating an easy way for employees to save for retirement. We can help and guide you through the intricacies of the registration process, managing your scheme, allowing you to focus on everyday business matters.

Our team have successfully set up a number of workplace pension schemes, creating firm foundations which allow them to run like clockwork.

Aware that your skills and time are better focused towards business operations, we also monitor changes in regulations going forward.

The Benefits of Auto Enrolment

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide advice on a full range of financial planning.

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    Protecting employees

    Automated enrolment ensures that employees benefit from the changes in pension regulations. It also allows you to plan ahead with funding and cash flow.

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    Employee Satisfaction

    Flexible pension plans and improved financial education provide support for employees, encouraging them to stay for the long-term.

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    Fulfilling your legal obligations

    Don’t fall foul of the law, with censorship and financial penalties a real possibility. We will keep you up to date with important changes.

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    Setting up a workplace pension

    Setting up a workplace pension involves a degree of paperwork, identifying those eligible for inclusion, ensuring your software is up-to-date and informing your employees of their rights.

    While setting up a workplace pension can seem daunting at the outset, we have expertise and significant experience in this area. Available to answer any questions you may have, we can offer guidance from the start of the process onwards.

    Why Informed Financial Planning?


    • Can you have a SIPP and workplace pension?

      Yes, providing you don’t go over your annual pension contribution allowances, you can have multiple pensions. Pensions come in many formats: Personal pensions, workplace pensions and more. Remember to review your pension schemes with an adviser to ensure they benefit from any recently introduced pension features that some old style schemes don’t include.

    • How do I set up a workplace pension?

      If you are an employee, a workplace pension is usually set up by your employer. They have duties to ‘automatically enrol’ employees depending on age and salary. You will receive notification from them once you are placed into their scheme. This can often be after your probation period when starting a new job.

      If you are an employer, you will have the duty to provide all qualifying employees with an appropriate workplace pension. This can be set up direct with an auto enrolment qualifying pension provider, through your accountant or with help from an independent financial adviser.

    • Can I opt out of a workplace pension?

      Yes you can contact the provider to opt out of the scheme. If you opt out within one month of joining, any contributions you personally made will be refunded. If you opt out after a month, any contributions will remain in the scheme. Your employer has a duty to place you back in the pension after a 3-year period.

      Opting out has disadvantages. You will miss out on tax relief from the government and contributions from your employer. The decision shouldn’t be taken lightly.

    Informed Service Pricing

    Our fee structure is simple and transparent, with no surprise fees later down the line.

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    What Our Clients Think About Us

      "An excellent service all round. We mainly dealt with Charlie and had help from Zoey too. Great knowledge and advice regarding pensions. Cannot fault it at all. If was possibly to give 11 out of 10 we would. Would highly recommend."

      "The whole process was very easy, it wasn't made complicated and every single step was explained to me. A representative from Informed Financial Planning, came to my house, I didn't feel pressured and I could back out at any time."

      "This is the most professional company I have ever dealt with in all of my 59 years they took the time to find out what my needs where & fulfilled all my wishes if I could give 10 stars I would."

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