Rising Through The Ranks – The Journey of IFP’S Graduates

Let us take you on the journey of Ash Biglin, Lewis Atkinson, and Rachel Naulls.

Five years ago, these three graduates joined the Informed Financial Planning (IFP) team, each starting their careers as graduate trainees. Today, they have all progressed into different roles within the company and have become successful professionals in their own right.

IFP has always placed a strong emphasis on the professional development of our staff and is committed to supporting them in achieving their goals, providing funding and support in many areas. As a result, Ash, Lewis, and Rachel have all achieved the highly regarded Diploma in Financial Planning and are now working towards achieving individual chartered status with the Personal Finance Society (PFS).

The success of these graduates not only showcases their dedication and hard work, but also highlights the diverse range of career development opportunities available at IFP.

Fresh-faced graduate Ash Biglin joined IFP in May 2017, eager to start his career in the finance industry after completing his degree in Accounting. He began working with the Paraplanning team, providing recommendation reports for clients and studying to progress his career. From the outset, Ash demonstrated his exceptional work ethic and dedication to personal and professional development. Five years later, Ash has become an established Financial Planner, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. He is an excellent example of the success that can be achieved through hard work and commitment to self-improvement.

Shortly after, Lewis Atkinson joined IFP in September 2017, fresh out of university after gaining a degree in Business. From the outset, Lewis demonstrated a keen eye for detail and an analytical mind, and quickly took on additional responsibilities within the Compliance Department. He worked tirelessly to ensure the company was fully compliant with all the necessary regulations and five years on, Lewis is now a Compliance Officer, soon to be promoted to Compliance Manager. He has been instrumental in ensuring that IFP maintains its reputation for excellence and integrity in the industry.

Rachel Naulls was another graduate who joined IFP in September 2017. Rachel had just completed her degree in Archaeology and was looking for a new challenge outside her field of study. Rachel’s archaeology background has actually proven to be an asset in her current role and her experience in research and analysis has enabled her to quickly identify and address complex technical issues for clients. Rachel’s career at IFP started as a Graduate Paraplanner, and she has since progressed to now leading the Technical Team. Her dedication to her work has earned her a reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable leader, and her success is a testament to the career development opportunities available at IFP and the company’s commitment to promoting from within.

In conclusion, Ash, Lewis, and Rachel are just three examples of the many success stories at IFP. The company’s commitment to staff development has enabled them to progress from graduates to successful professionals in just five short years. They are proof that hard work, dedication, and a commitment to personal and professional development can lead to great things. We can’t wait to see where the next five years will take these talented individuals!

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